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Last updated: June 10, 2024

Engage in informative sessions on nutrition, mental health, and preventive care for holistic well-being, tailored for individuals and corporate wellness programs.

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Health talks are a means to share medical information with the community, to sensitize and educate members of the community/public about issues that affect their health and the services offered at the facility

Invest in your team’s well-being with our Health Education Talks, a personalised approach to employee wellness. Our expert speakers deliver engaging sessions on nutrition, mental health, and preventive care.

Tailored to your corporate needs, these talks empower your employees with knowledge for a healthier lifestyle. From stress management to fostering a balanced work-life dynamic, our talks provide practical insights for sustained well-being. Elevate your company’s culture by prioritising the health and happiness of your workforce.

Here are some of the topics we prepare health talks on

  1. Cancer (Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer)
  2. Non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension)
  3. Gastric Ulcers
  4. Mental Health (Stress management at the workplace)
  5. Healthy living and lifestyle (work-life balance)
  6. Reproductive diseases and Menopause
  7. HIV/AIDS and Sexual health issues
  8. Infertility (men and women)

Contact us to organise bespoke health talks, because a healthy team is a thriving team.

Let’s build a foundation of wellness together.

The talks can be virtual or physical.

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