We pride ourselves in offering compassionate healthcare at an affordable rate.

Core Values

Compassionate Care

We are committed to offering patients and their families excellent medical services with compassion.


We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of healthcare.


We recognize the value of strong internal and external partnerships in achieving our goals.

  • Our outpatient team consists of highly motivated professionals with the goal of ensuring satisfactory and timely customer services.
    Our services include:

    • Accident and Emergency services
    • Consultation with general practitioners
    • Pharmacy services
    • Laboratory services
    • Radiology and Imaging services

    Our Specialist clinics include:

    • Gyanecology/ antenatal clinics
    • Pediatric clinics
    • Well Baby clinics
    • General surgicay clinics

    In case of any queries kindly contact us.
  • Our inpatient team comprises of highly skilled physicians who painstakingly ensure that only relevant and necessary tests are carried out. Our inpatient services include:

    • 10 bed male ward
    • 8 bed female ward
    • 4 bed Pediatric ward with parental accommodation
    • Timely radiology services
    • World Class laboratory services
    • 24 hour pharmacy

"The staff are extremely friendly and very helpful."

Isaiah Kamau